Saturday, March 1, 2014

Vintage Map Restroom Sign People

I am originally from the Puget Sound area. I was born in Seattle, and have spent most of my life within thirty miles of the city. My husband was born in rural Korea, and moved to the United States not long after he turned two. I saw this product on Pinterest, and thought it would be fun to make one from the places that James and I are from.

Remember those vintage map restroom sign people I printed and cut out at work the other day when I should have been grading? This is what they ended up being. It's a super simple project.

  • vintage maps (printed from the internet)
  • restroom sign people template (also printed from the internet)
  • scrapbook paper of your choosing (I used some scrap snake-skin looking paper)
  • picture frame (mine is 7" square)

First, I cut out the templates and traced them onto the maps. Then I cut out the maps. It was then just a matter of cutting the scrapbook paper to fit in the frame and gluing the two little people down. Easy, peasy, done!

I'm going to leave it by James' desk and see how long it takes him to notice it...ahem, I mean surprise him with it...before I find it a home on one of our walls.

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