Thursday, March 27, 2014

Izzy Cowl by PurpleStarDust

So, while searching the latest and greatest on Ravelry the other night, I came across this cute cowl:
Make This Yourself - Crochet PATTERN - Instant PDF Download - IZZY Cowl with Large Button
I hardly ever buy crochet patterns, as I can usually look at something and figure out how to make it. This one had me a little stumped, so I bought the pattern. It's super easy, and I love it! I made mine with scrap worsted weight yarn I had in my stash, and a mirror-like button that I picked up at our new Hobby Lobby (5 minutes from my house...good/not good). Here it is.
I wore it out to dinner the other night after I finished it. I like the way it looks, but I had to fidget with it a bit throughout dinner to keep it straight. I think I'm actually going to stitch it into place so it doesn't go all wonky while I'm wearing it. I'm a little OCD about that kind of stuff.
All in all, an easy enjoyable pattern that I recommend.

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