Friday, March 14, 2014

Matthew and Janine are having a GIRL!

Our close friends, Matthew and Janine, just found out their first baby is a little girl! I have to admit, I was a little disappointed at first because I was so looking forward to pawning off all of Elijah's baby clothes on them, but I really am looking forward to meeting the little girl when she arrives sometime in July.

Matthew was one of the groomsmen in our wedding, and Janine was the first person outside of family to meet Elijah after he was born (she was a nurse at the hospital where he was born and was working, so she came up after visiting hours). They are two of Elijah's favorite people in the whole world. He's always asking to see Uncle Matthew and Auntie Janine (only they sound like Ma-You and Jakameen). Matthew plays guitar, and Elijah has decided that all guitars everywhere belong to Matthew, and no one else is allowed to touch them - any of them! We often meet up with them for dinner, and are looking forward to the day when we aren't the only ones chasing an unruly child around the restaurant :)

After a little Pinterest stalking, I discovered they were planning on a pink and grey bird theme for a girl's nursery, so that is what I based my "It's a girl!" gift on.

Here is what they're getting:

A crocheted blanket.

I started with the grey blanket when I found out they were pregnant, and added the pink border when they announced the gender. This is a simple double crochet cluster blanket with a shell stitch border. I will post the pattern another day.

A crochet bow beanie to match the blanket, a crochet bird earflap hat (pattern in the works!) and a cute birdie outfit with a couple of hair bows that I picked up at Carter's.

As well as four burp clothes that I just whipped up.

These are simply cloth diapers with a fabric panel sewed on to the center.

Congratulations, Matthew and Janine! We can't wait to meet your little girl! (And I'm totally going to pawn off all the gender neutral stuff I have on you guys!)

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