Monday, August 26, 2013

Naptime: Peacock-Colored Inifinity Scarf

I spent all weekend fighting this "I'm exhausted and congested" summer cold. I laid on the couch, read 7 books (I'm a quick reader and they weren't books that I had to put a little brain power into), and other than running a few quick errands and going to church, it was a stay-at-home weekend.

Now the week has started, and while I'm still feeling pretty exhausted and congested, I've found a little energy to get things done.

First, this morning, I made my Textured Crochet Infinity Scarf (available here) in my impulse buy beautiful variegated yarn. It has lovely shades of purple, teal and green - very peacock-ish. I finished it during lunchtime and am thinking of a peacock feather embellishment that I can pin on to it. That is still clinking around in my brain though.

Now that naptime has officially started, I know better than to pass up an opportunity to take a nap myself when I'm feeling under the weather...right after I finish cleaning up lunch, and do a little bit of banking stuff (yay, payday!), I'm going to head off to bed, to read my Bible and relax.

Happy Monday!

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