Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Daycare Freedom - Easy DIY Headbands

I love daycare freedom days - I get so much done!

Today, I dropped Elijah off at school and went and did all the things I meant to do on Monday - grocery store, ATM, library (where I picked up 10 new books to read - a little of this, a little of that),

Then it was back to Elijah's school to drop off his blanket (absent-minded mama), Ross to return some things and Joann's to buy the supplies I needed to make some new head bands.

I love theory. In reality, they give me headaches. So I thought that if I used some ribbon and very little elastic, I might be able to solve that problem, because it wouldn't be as tight around my head. I must say, I'm loving the results (the pic - eh, not so much...has anyone found a good way to take a flattering cell phone selfie? Is escapes me thus far...however, my eye color does look pretty cool in it.)

Want to make your own? Here's how!

1/2 yard of a pretty trim
5" of 1/4" elastic (just enough so that it holds to your head snugly, but not tightly)
small amount of coordinating ribbon (not pictured)

At Joann's, I picked up  three different trims - a pretty ribbon, an orange braid, and a woven-burlap-ish thing. The first thing I did was sew a zig-zag stitch at the ends of each trim to help avoid fraying (optional). I used invisible thread, mostly because that's what was already in my sewing machine. Then I cut about 5" of the elastic, pinned the elastic to the trim and folded the sides of the trim over the elastic to make a little trim/elastic taco, and sewed them together.

I then hot glued a small piece of coordinating ribbon around each end to finish it off. Viola! Three non-headache inducing headbands in about 15 minutes. Not bad! Happy headband making!

We're having company over tonight, so with my last half hour of freedom, I have to go tidy up a bit downstairs and get dinner (Brazilian Chicken Curry - new recipe, I'll let you know how it turns out) into the crockpot.

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