Monday, August 19, 2013

Change of Plans

Today was supposed to be a daycare freedom day...

I had it all planned out - drop Elijah off at school, run to the ATM to deposit a check, check out some books at the library, return some things to Ross, stop by Joann's (of course), get crafty at home...

But when we pulled up to his school, his teacher was walking out on her break. She opened the back car door to say "hi", and asked what was all over Elijah's legs. I turned around to see that my little boy had sprouted a nice rash on his legs, arms and tummy in the fifteen minutes it took to drive from our house to his school. We turned around and headed daycare freedom for me today...but I have spent naptime getting a lot of things done around the house, so it's turned out alright.

During lunch, I wrote out this list:

After writing it, I worked on the things I could do downstairs while Elijah was eating playing with his yogurt. Things like - unload the dishwasher, dust and declutter the living room, clean butter dish (weird, I know), and finish cleaning downstairs bathroom.

Once I put him down for a nap, I worked on the things I could do upstairs while he was falling asleep. Things like - unpack LA bag, make bed, tidy studio and update Elijah's memory book (on Shutterfly) with his 2 1/2 year measurements.

As soon as I was sure he was asleep, I tackled the things that need to be done outside - take Lillie out, check sprinkler, and check garden - we've got lots of cherry tomatoes ready to be picked.

Once all my chores were done, I was free to get my crafty on. I've been working on some crochet lace camera strap covers. I had one that had been mocking me from the top of the piano to finish, so I sat down and got 'er done - took all of 10 minutes. Here it is finished:

I updated my etsy shop with one of the camera strap covers I've made recently, and sent the link to some friends who asked me to make them camera straps but had yet to pay me/pick them up - major pet peeve. Note - if you ask me to make you something, please mean it and act like you care about the item. I work hard on them, and am always excited to give them, but it drags me down when you don't seem to really care or bother to follow up with payment and delivery.

All of the things on my list will have been checked off once I hit publish on this blog post, and I will be off to finished the last thing on my list - RELAX...ahh, summer!

Check back on Wednesday (fingers crossed) for the craftiness I had originally planned for today.

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