Monday, December 1, 2014

Monthly Update: November

Welcome, December! I'm so glad you're here! November, you were fun, but I'm kind of glad you're over, you were a little too busy for my liking :). I have 3 more days of class this week, and one final next week, and then it'll be vacation time for me! Here's what I got myself up to last month.

Grace for the Good Girl by Emily Freeman
The Girl's Still Got It by Liz Curtis Higgs
The Girl in the Gatehouse by Julie Klassen
The very last two books in the Love Finds You series. I am now officially done with that New Year's goal! It felt like quite the accomplishment to highlight that last title on my list.

A Green Bay Packers hat for a friend's son's birthday. Happy 4th birthday, Isaac!

A Seahawks themed hat for my newest little cousin, Logan. Welcome to the world, Buddy!

Blog Hop Crochet Along Afghan - given up. I'm not a huge fan of a lot of the blocks, but I love the ones from Gleeful Things, so I think I will be using those for something else.

A couple of boy-ish hats to send along to my best friend in Nashville to gift to some of her less fortunate students. This situation has it's own post, and I'm also doing a 12 Days of Christmas Hats series, so check around for those if you need some quick gifts to whip up!

A quick day trip to Leavenworth/Ellensburg to visit some friends earlier this month. We helped set up the sound in one friend's church...and by we, I mean James...I chased Elijah around. We headed into town for a snack and a little shopping and then we detoured through Ellensburg to have dinner with some other friends. It was a good, but tiring day.

We hosted Thanksgiving this year for my side of the family. My mom, step-dad, step-sister and her husband all came over. It was pretty casual, and because the Seahawks were playing, we ate dinner in front of the TV. My mom and step-dad took Elijah home with them so James and I could do some Black Friday shopping.

Black Friday
It's been a couple of years since we really did Black Friday. It was fun to get out there again.

Christmas Decorating
We always decorate the house the weekend after Thanksgiving. We hauled the large Tupperware bins out of the garage, made a batch of hot chocolate, and got to work!

I hope all you American readers had a great Thanksgiving weekend!

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