Sunday, June 1, 2014

May: Monthly Update

Is it just me, or did May feel like a really long month? Maybe it's just because I'm so looking forward to summer and having a couple of months off. Even though the month felt really long, it's hard to believe it's already June. Seriously, how did that happen?

May was pretty busy around here...and by around here I mean my house, not the blog. Haven't been doing much on the blog lately...don't worry, I'll be back this summer when naptime returns to my life!

  • We celebrated my birthday, Mother's Day, and Memorial Day.
  • We found out one of my cousin's is pregnant - yay!
  • We found out one of my other cousins' second baby is a boy - yay, again!
  • We've been doing some serious decluttering around the house.
  • And of course, with the late spring/early summer weather rolling in, we've been spending time checking out new parks and going out for ice cream.
Here's a recap of what I did this month:

  • I started a baby blanket for cousin #1's baby.
  • I edged a fleece baby blanket for cousin #2.
  • I crocheted a shawl...for no real reason...I used this pattern again, but just kept increasing until it was the size I wanted.
  • I sewed a simple flannel blanket for cousin #2's baby.
  • I also made a pastry cloth using this tutorial (but made it much smaller to fit my counter). 
  • I made some BFF coordinates bracelets for me and my best friend Sarah, who will be moving to Nashville in a couple of weeks. My bracelet has the coordinates for Nashville, and hers has the coordinates to the city I live in. Hers is already on its way to California in her birthday card.
  • I have discovered no knead bread (here, here and here), and am in love! I've made 4 loaves so far. Delicious! (Also the reason for the pastry cloth.)
What's on the agenda for next month?
  • 5 more class days until summer!
  • More bread baking
  • Perhaps trying to make my own yogurt
  • Checking out new parks and beaches
  • Working on the baby blanket and a couple other ideas I've got rolling around.
  • Naps...oh, how I miss naps! :)

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