Thursday, June 5, 2014

As I was celebrating...

Today, as I was celebrating the end of my last real teaching day this year, a man opened fire on students at Seattle Pacific University. Today, as I was celebrating only having one final to give before summer break, a young man died of his wounds. Today, as I was celebrating having three months off from dealing with students, an extremely brave student risked his life to subdue the shooter. Today, as I was celebrating by leaving the office early, my sister sat hunkered in her office at SPU waiting for the active shooter lockdown to be lifted.

Puts life into pretty harsh perspective, doesn't it?

Tonight, I am hugging my loved ones a little closer. Tonight, I'm thankful that I will get to see all of my students and colleagues on Monday for one last time before summer. Tonight, my heart is breaking with the realization that it could have been my city, my school. And tonight, my prayers go out to my sister, the friends and family of the young man who was killed, those who were injured, those who were present, and all of the students, faculty and staff at Seattle Pacific University.
May God grant you His peace that surpasses all understanding.
May His love fall around you like rain.
May He bring comfort and healing to your souls.

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