Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Grading...or not...

There are days at work when I go into the office after class with every intention of grading a stack of papers (or, let's be honest, a certain percentage of that stack of papers). I walk in, talk to no one, try to avoid eye contact and sit in the very back corner of the room. I'm not anti-social, just easily distracted. On a normal day, I welcome conversation with my coworkers - discussions about school policy, student anecdotes, requests for assistance - but some days, I just have to get some things done.

Today was one of those days. I walked into the office and straight to the back corner. I sat down and pulled out the stack of papers with a goal of grading five of them before I had to go pick Elijah up from daycare. I grabbed a pen...and then my eye caught my "super awesome idea" notebook.

Real quick, I told myself, I'll write down that idea I had this morning. The idea for the restroom sign people cut outs from vintage maps based on something that I saw on Pinterest. I'll just write it down and get to work on those papers. Then I thought to myself, it would be easier to print off those pictures here at work. Okay, real quick, I'll find the pictures I need and print them off. Those are perfect, it'll only take me a second to cut them out. Alright, I'll do it real quick.

I've now been sitting at the back corner desk for 50 minutes and I have graded exactly 0 of those 5 papers I intended on grading when I walked in here.

Shaking my head at, to use my last 20 minutes to actually do work :)

Check back later for what I do with those little restroom sign people cut outs.

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