Thursday, February 20, 2014

Crochet Headphone Cover

For no reason other than it seemed cool at the time, I made these crochet headphone covers. My husband is a musician, and we have a ridiculous amount of headphones around the house, so I decided to personalize one of them.

This was made easier by the fact that the ear pieces come off of the head band.

Cotton(ish) yarn from Vickie Howell (I used cotton harvest, jade jersey, and cotton field)
G hook

I modified motif #5 from the book. I give you the rest of my pattern below.

The pattern for the motif ends on round 5, so I pick up at round 6.

Change colors
Round 6:  join into a sc in one of the ch 3 spaces, sc in the same space and in the next 8 stitches, skip 2 stitches, *7 sc, skip 2, repeat from *5 times, 8 sc, turn

The rest is worked in rows to leave room for the wire.
Row 7: ch 1, 7 sc, skip 2, *5 sc, skip 2, repeat from * 4 times, 7 sc, turn
Row 8: ch 1, sc in each stitch around (44 stitches)

Change colors
Row 9-10: repeat row 8
Row 11: repeat row 8, ch 5 at the end and sl st to create a loop

Fasten off and weave in all ends. Sew a button opposite the loop. Repeat for the second ear piece. Put on your head phones and enjoy!

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