Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving and Christmas Decorating

Whew! Thanksgiving weekend is over. This year, my husband's family and my dad came over for dinner. Throughout the week, the family members randomly stopped by and dropped off turkeys, so we ended up with 3 turkeys for 9 people. James decided to try to smoke two of the turkeys, and while the meat tasted okay, they were pretty black and dried out. So, it's a good thing we had a third turkey cooking in the oven! Here is what our dining room looked like - nice, but nothing too fancy.

Of course, no holiday with my Korean relative would be complete without gifts of large boxes of fruit. I swear, they forget there are only 3 of us. It has become a running joke with several friends, because after a holiday, we always show up at church with fruit to give away.This is not nearly as bad as the huge box of oranges (I'm talking like 75 oranges) we got one Easter.

And in this case, it was large boxes of large fruit. These Korean pears are huge! (And delicious!)

We went out on Black Friday around 10 in the morning and missed most of the craziness, but still got some great deals. We spent a couple of hours on Small Business Saturday down in Olympia checking out the cute shops downtown. Sunday is our annual "Decorate the House" Day. We put all the fall decorations away, and hauled out the Christmas ones from the garage. This year, we have two trees - both little 3' tall artificial ones. We have one in the dining room, and one in the living room. A big tree just wouldn't fit very well in our house, or with our kid...or our animals :)

Other decorations include a centerpiece on the dining table, the nativity set we bought the first Christmas we were married, and the mini nativity scene my grandmother carved many years ago.


Sunday evening, we went to our first Christmas lights event of the season - Fantasy Lights in Spanaway. We listened to Christmas music and ate candy canes while we drove through the park looking at light displays. It was a great start to the Christmas season.

We had a great holiday weekend, and I hope yours was equally blessed. Check back later this week for a little how-to on the Advent Calendar I made for Elijah this weekend - you can see a little peak in the corner of the first Christmas tree picture. So far it's a big hit with the Little Man.

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