Tuesday, December 17, 2013

12 Days of Christmas: Day 4 - Grandparent Ornaments

Each year, I'm having Elijah make (ahem...help make) ornaments that we use as gifts for the grandparents and his godfather. I also keep one for our tree, and I'm putting away one each year to give to him when he gets married/moves out. Growing up, my brother and I got to pick out a new ornament every year, and when I moved out, I took all of my ornaments with me. It is always a little weird to see my parents' Christmas tree without my ornaments, so in preparation for Elijah growing up and moving away, I'm making/buying duplicates of all his ornaments.

Last year, we made these ornaments:

This year, we made these:

How did we do it?

I had Elijah paint a couple of pictures, and then I picked up those cheap papier mache ornaments at the craft store.

I painted the ornaments, and then traced half of one onto a blank sheet of paper. I cut the templates a bit smaller than the ornament, and cut the shapes out of Elijah's paintings.

 I Mod Podged the shapes onto the ornaments and then added some glitter glue/paint to the edge. I added a ribbon bow, and "Elijah 2013" to the back.

Cheap and easy! And the perfect gift for grandparents - they eat this stuff up! :)

Eight more days until Christmas - are you ready?

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