Monday, June 17, 2013

Naptime: Day 3 - Breakfast Baking and Father's Day Gift

Before naptime today, I was able to bake 3 different kinds of breakfast food (cinnamon crunch muffins, blueberry coffee cake bars,  and almond poppy seed bread) and get them packaged and into the freezer - score 1 for mom!

Now, before you get all excited, all three things were from boxes, so all I had to do was add an egg and some water and/or oil, but hey, I got them all into the oven at just the right time for them to all be done baking at exactly the same time - impressive!

I'm hoping that having already prepared breakfast foods available will help my husband eat breakfast more often. There are many days that he is so busy at work, he barely grabs something for lunch, and some days, he doesn't eat until dinner - sad! So, we're working on a system of getting breakfasts and lunches ready beforehand, so all he has to do in the morning is remember to grab them. We'll see how that goes.

I hope you all had a Happy Father's Day yesterday. We slept in (James even later than me and Elijah), did some rearranging in Elijah's room, went shopping, ate lunch out, took awesome naps (1:30-4:30 - wonderful!), ran out to James' parents house to see his dad, and then went to my mom and step-dad's house to hang out and jump on the trampoline. We had a late dinner of grilled steak, hung out, and got a good night's sleep.

With all of that going on yesterday, I forgot to show you want we did for James for Father's Day. Now, we don't really do big gifts in our family, mostly because both James and I would rather pick out our own gifts and that totally works for us. But, I try to make sure that Elijah gets into the gift giving spirit. So, for Father's Day, we did a little painting.

I set out a piece of paper and a cheap little watercolor set and let Elijah go to town. I had to help him rinse off and put paint on the brush, but all the painting was him. I let the paint dry and popped it into the printer and printed "Happy Father's Day, Dada! Love, Elijah Age 2" on it. I glued on a cute picture, tossed it in a frame, added a bow...and here's what James woke up to yesterday morning:

Cute, huh? It was also easy and cost effective. It can be adapted to any holiday or occasion.

James said he was going to hang it up by his desk at work, but he forgot it this morning. Hopefully the breakfasts and lunches we made fare better, right?

For the rest of naptime, I'm planning on updating Elijah's baby book on Shutterfly (as I do on the 17th of every month), doing the dishes, throwing in a load of laundry, and hopefully taking a little nap myself.

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