Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Break Arriveth Early!

My students decided that they wanted to do their final in-class write today, instead of next Tuesday (our final exam day), and I just finished grading them, which means that I am now officially on Spring Break! Two weeks of freedom...well, as much freedom as a mom can get anyways :) Elijah is also taking a "Spring Break" from daycare, so it'll be me and the boy all day, every day for the next two weeks. I am so looking forward to having a nap time again - those amazing two or three hours of the day when I can actually get stuff done without little man tugging on my shirt, whining at the cupboard where we keep the fruit snacks, or trying to play with (read: attack) the dog.

Before Christmas, Elijah bit Lillie to which she responded by biting him back, badly, on the cheek - traumatizing for me, he's fine though...obviously, right, if he's still trying to play with the her? In fact, before we left the house to go to the ER to get him stitches, he wanted to hug her. Anyways, Lillie now has to wear a soft muzzle while Elijah is up, and we try to keep them separated as much as possible - which is A LOT of work!
Elijah and Lillie
But...back to naptime, our studio/office/craft room is pretty much off limits for Elijah - too many musical instruments, computers, buttons, knobs, wires and sharp things to be safe for him. It would be nearly impossible, and very impractical to childproof this room. So, pretty much since he became mobile, this room has become accessible only during naptimes and after he goes to bed. During the quarter, Elijah spends his naptime at school, which means very little daytime crafting for me. :(
However, that all changes for the next two weeks! Naptime is back!
Now, I will not be spending every naptime crafting. I do other things as well. I have some books I want to read, some naps I desperately need to take, and a couple of TV shows to get caught up on. Naptime will help me do all of those things, and I am so looking forward to it!
First up, to celebrate the end of the quarter, chicken fajitas and a margarita at my favorite Mexican restaurant, El Toros. Then tomorrow, we're headed to the Wing Luke Museum in Seattle (for free - yay third Saturday!), Uwajimaya for a little international shopping (and probably lunch), and a birthday pool party for one of our favorite almost 3 year olds.
Gonna be a great two weeks! Check back often to see what I'm up to!

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