Friday, March 22, 2013

Naptime: Day 5 - A Clean Sweep!

Today I decided to tackle the ever annoying garage. Having an SUV and a one car garage means that it always feels like a tight fit. I knew that I wasn't going to be able to rearrange everything (really what we need is shelving), but I could take care of the floor. As I mentioned earlier, you get to our garage by way of a gravel alley, so our garage floor (and everything else in the garage) gets covered with a fine layer of dust and grit. It was time to sweep it out!

Here is a before picture:

Halfway through:

All the stuff I swept up...eww, right?

And here is after all the sweeping and a little tidying up of all of our junk:

Not bad for a half hour's work! I also managed to clean out my car (why not? it was next to the garbage can, anyways), do a load of laundry (washing machine and dryer are in the garage), clean the litter boxes (again, in the garage), and even run the dishwasher (not in the garage, but was easy enough to do). After that, I cleaned the master bathroom, and did some spot treatments on the carpet.

Now, I would like to mention that this is in no way normal! I take advantage of my breaks from work to get some deep cleaning done...which means the whole house gets really clean once every 10-12 weeks. On an average week, I'm happy if the toys get picked up, the dishes get done, there's toilet paper in each bathroom, and the laundry makes it into the dryer. During the break though, I pick one or two areas a day to really clean - I'm talking hands and knees scrubbing behind the toilet kind of clean :) Sometimes, depending on the area, I can get it done while Elijah is awake...other areas (like the garage) need to wait for naptime.

Now, to relax for about 15 minutes...then naptime is over!

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