Friday, November 28, 2014

Simple Sticker Advent Christmas Tree

While Elijah has his advent calendar from last year, I wanted to add a little something this year. I thought it would be fun to give him his very own little Christmas tree to decorate. I thought about getting a mini tree and little ornaments, but I decided that stickers would be easier and more age appropriate. So, I found a picture of a fir tree online, copied it into Word, added a small brown rectangle for the trunk and the words "Christmas 2014" to the bottom. I printed the whole picture and put it in a frame without the glass.

Then Elijah and I picked out some ornament stickers at Hobby Lobby. I cut them up and will put one sticker in each of the boxes in his advent calendar. Now, each day he will get to add an ornament to the tree, and we will have a fun piece of art to keep for Christmases to come.

It was super easy, super cheap (only 80-something cents for the stickers), and he think it's super fun. Win, win, win!

What are you doing for an Advent countdown this year?

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