Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Foxy Stole Pattern For Sale

I'm super excited to announce that I have my first pattern for sale!
When I was in middle school, my best friend and I were helping her mom with an estate sale. Back then, we didn't know the term hoarder, but if we did, we totally would have deemed the lady whose house were holding the estate sale in a hoarder. She had passed away, so I'm sure she wouldn't have minded. The house was FILLED with newspapers, and glass jars, and hundreds of garbage bags full of random stuff. While pulling things out of garbage bags in a back room, my best friend pulled out something that had fur and claws. We screamed and raced out of the room, not waiting to figure out if it was a dead cat or raccoon or what. Turns out, it was a real fox fur stole similar to the one in the picture below.
Once we got over the shock, we decided that we liked him and we named him Rascal. Looking back, I can think of all kinds of things we should have done to Rascal before we let him live in my best friend's room. Things like fumigating him or even just cleaning him, but we were young and he obviously didn't kill us or give us lice, so in the end it all worked out :)

Of course, nowadays hardly anyone wears real furs, so this pattern is my animal friendly crocheted version of Rascal. Now you can have your very own foxy stole, no fumigation needed. :)

Check out my Etsy shop for the Foxy Stole Pattern!

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