Friday, August 15, 2014

Ever been in a bar fight?

This morning, I woke up feeling like I had been in a bar fight.

To explain, first, I have a cold. In August. It sucks. I feel like I have a mini elephant sitting on my chest, and I can't breathe through my nose without medicinal help.

Second, I met a coworker/friend for lunch on Tuesday, and we ended up taking an impromptu hike. The hike led up down a bunch of stairs, and back up a very steep hill. Wednesday morning, my calves HATED me...and my coworker.

This is just one section of the stairs. The hillside goes almost straight down to the water.

Yesterday, I had to take my dog to get her vaccines updated. My dog is very sweet and obedient (for the most part) in the house, but take her anywhere and it's like she's a completely wild dog. Add in people trying to touch her butt (take temp, etc.) at the vet and she loses her mind. I had to hold her muzzled head still while she was whipping around trying to bite the vet techs as they gave her the shots. I walked out of the vet bleeding after being head butted and biting my lip.

After the vet, I met the same hiking coworker for a few quick lap around the track at work. We must have walked about 2 miles. We were chatting, so I wasn't keeping track of how many laps we did, but we walked at a pretty brisk pace for an hour.

During all this, my cold has gotten progressively worse, so last night I took some Nyquil to try to get some decent sleep.

This morning, I woke up sore all over (upper body from fighting with the dog, lower body from the hike/walking), busted lip, with a slight Nyquil hangover (a little out of it, slight headache, dry mouth)...pretty much what I imagine someone would feel like after a bar fight.


On a happier note, one of my Seahawks fabrics arrived in the mail today. Thanks J&O Fabrics for being on top of it! I'm expecting my second order (which was ordered 4 days before the other order) tomorrow. Come on, Joann's!

Here are the two fabrics:

Now, seriously, 12th Man...can you stop buying the whole bolt of fabric? Leave some for the rest of us! There is NEVER any in stock in the stores around here.

What am I going to do with my Seahawks fabric? Well, you'll have to check back later to find out, but if it turns out as cool as it is in my head, it's going to be awesome!

Preseason game 2 tonight - Go Hawks!

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