Friday, January 10, 2014

Seahawks Blue Friday Flower Scarf and Bow Hat

Today was officially declared "Seahawks Blue Friday" by the Washington state governor. We take our jobs as football fans here pretty seriously, folks.

This is what I'm going to be sporting tomorrow as I support our Seahawks in their game against the Saints.

This was the perfect scrap busting project! I simply started off with all the blues, greens, greys, and whites I had in my stash, which as you can see below was a lot, and used as many of them as possible. There are hardly any repeats within the scarf itself.

I made 25 simple 6 petal flowers and sewed them together into the scarf. Then I made the hat using this pattern in size L (from here). It can be tailor made to any team or theme. You can also purchase one in my etsy shop. There is also a smaller children's version in the shop as well.

And because no one can talk about a Seahawks/Saints playoff game without mentioning the "Beast Quake" here it is - love this play! Amazing!

Go Hawks!!

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