Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Our House - A Mini Tour

While I was uploading pictures from my camera SD card, I found the pictures of my house that I had taken to show my French "family" way back in October when I went back for my friend's wedding. I have nothing to do with them now, so thought I would take you on a little mini tour while waiting for Elijah to fall asleep in the room next door.

When you walk into our house, you walk straight into the living room. I love this room. It's warm and cozy and is decorated with sea turtles, maps and pictures, souvenir drums, and clearance art. It's mostly a mish-mash of things we've picked up here and there.
What you would see when you walk in the door.
Looking towards the front door.
The wall directly across from the couch.
That piano used to belong to my grandfather. When my grandma moved into her assisted care facility we got it...mostly because my husband is the only one who actually plays piano in the family. I am very glad to have it here.
Passing the downstairs bathroom, closet and the stairs, you enter our kitchen/dining room/Elijah's play area.
Coming into the room.
The white door leads to a small side porch, and the wood door leads to the garage.

That banner on the wall is from Elijah's first birthday.
Next month he'll be three. We should probably relocate it.
Our kitchen. Small, but functional.
Elijah's side of the room - it's mostly trains.
Upstairs is our office/music studio/craft room/electronics workstation/general catch-all room.

This is my corner of the room.

This is James' corner.
I'm actually sitting at his computer as I type.
This is our shared corner.
My in-laws reupholstered that couch for James' birthday when he was a teenager.

Our bedroom, Elijah's bedroom and two bathrooms are also located upstairs, but this is a little mini tour. I hope you enjoyed this little look around our home. Elijah now appears to be asleep, so it's mama free time! Yay!

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