Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Tale Of Two Bathrooms...

It's a short, sad tale...

This morning, I had to physically force my son out of the bathroom and shut the door, so I could get two minutes to myself to compose a text message without him trying to grab the phone. Even though  he was yelling and banging on the door, it was easier than trying to accomplish anything with him pawing at me. I seriously had a "What has my life become?" moment there in the bathroom. (Please, no comments about putting down the phone and spending time with my kid - I spend TONS of time with him, but sometimes, you just need a few minutes alone with the phone to get something done.)

Then this afternoon, as I walked into the bathroom before class, I noticed two of my female students standing in the hallway yelling at one of my male students who was in the men's bathroom. I simply shook my head and didn't even bother asking what was going on. However, those two students followed me into the bathroom and proceeded to tell me all about how the male student took one of their phones and wouldn't give it back. May I, for just one moment, remind you that I teach at a college? Another bathroom, another "What has my life become?" moment. I went into the class, got the phone from the male student and wrote this on the board:

I may be older than you, but I am not old enough to be your mom! Grow up!
Teaching is supposed to a small break from being a mom, where I can talk with adults, take two minutes to compose my thoughts, or heck, even go to the bathroom by myself, but apparently my high school completion students seem to have other thoughts.
17 more days...not that I'm counting :)
Now, I'm going to go make something pretty! Or go to bed...both sound pretty good right now.

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