Monday, April 29, 2013

Not quite "Wait, what?" but still interesting...

Crafting has taken a back seat to teaching - as it should, since I get paid way more for the latter :)

Here are some interesting things that have happened the past week in class.

In my culture class this week, we are going to be "celebrating" some major American holidays. I put the students in groups by country and told them they would have to give a small presentation on a major holiday in their culture - we were going to "celebrate" some of their holidays as well. Here is a short snippet of a conversation with the Saudi Arabian group.

Student: I have a question.
Me: What's up?
Student: I think we want to do the holiday celebrating the end of Ramadan.
Me: Cool.
Student: During that holiday we kill a sheep...
Me: Is this the holiday from summer when you asked me where you could find a sheep to kill yourself? (True story)
Student: Yes.
Me: You can not kill a sheep in class!
Student: I know. Can we show a video? There's just a little blood, it's not bad.
Me: No, sorry, no videos of killing animals in class.

Today, during the break in my reading/writing class, I looked up to see one of my Chinese students standing awkwardly in the aisle of the classroom and one of my Japanese students squatting down behind him, looking quite intently at his bum.

Me: Umm...gentlemen...whatcha doing?

Apparently, the Chinese student's pants had Japanese writing on them, and the student was trying to read and translate it. Not very exciting, but it is a very strange mental image for sure.

There's always something new and different going on in my classrooms...

In crafting news, I'm currently finishing up a flowered scarf for me (about time I get one too!), and planning a peacock themed baby shower for my best friend - complete with crafting invitations, buntings, games, and such. Good times!

Now, I'm off to run a few errands before picking up the boy from school.

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