Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wait, what?!

So, during that time that I'm not being crafty, I teach English as a second language to international students at a community college. I love my job, and most days I learn or hear something that makes me say "Wait, what?!"

For example, earlier this quarter, I learned that in January large apartment companies in Riyadh and Dubai offer a sale where if you buy an apartment, you get a car for free. Cool, huh? And it's not just any car...last year it was a Lamborghini...this year is was an Audi...talk about incentive to buy!

I also had this conversation with a student a couple of weeks ago:
Me: So, what do you think would be a cool job?
Student: I want to sell things.
Me: Sell things? What kind of things?
Student: You know...guns, oil...narcotics...
Me: Did you seriously just tell me that you want to be a drug dealer!?

Today's little gem was this...

We were getting ready to read a passage about how McDonald's changes its menus to match the local preferences (specifically how it offers vegetarian and mutton options in India), so we were discussing what things you can buy at a McDonald's in my students' countries that you can't buy here in the states. To help facilitate discussion and ideas, I pulled up the McDonald's websites from all the countries represented in class. I liked the Saudi Arabian site because they had an English version. The first thing that caught my eye was "McDelivery". Wait, what?! I asked my students about it, and they all responded that McDonald's delivers in their country (Saudi Arabia, Korea, and China)...and that delivery is free...and they don't have to tip the deliveryman...

Now, I'm not suggesting that McDonald's here should deliver...but wow...

I should also add that in China, a Big Mac meal costs about $3 total. Any one else feel like we're getting a little shafted here?

Stay tuned for more "Wait, what?!" moments...

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