Friday, February 22, 2013

Fishnet Infinity Scarf with Flower Detail Tutorial

This scarf came to be one night after seeing this scarf at Macy's. I thought it was cool looking, but I wasn't sure I was willing to pay $44 for it. (I did eventually buy it during the holidays when it was on sale...can you say, sucker?) Anyways, after I came home that night, I sat around and thought about it...How was it made? Could I crochet that? Then I had an idea! I grabbed some scrap knit fabric, told my husband I would not be watching whatever TV show we were supposed to watch that night because "I must be creative!". Twenty minutes later, I had a super cool scarf that I still proudly wear! It's very loosely based off the Macy's scarf I saw (and now own).

Now, you can make one too!

Please excuse the picture quality - my house is not natural light friendly, nor is the time I am able to craft - aka after bedtime :)

spandex knit fabric - I got mine as a remnant at JoAnn's. I like this fabric because it doesn't fray.
something to cut your fabric with - I used a rotary cutter
a cute button  - I think mine was an extra button for a tweed-ish jacket.
hot glue gun, or needle and thread

Step 1: Cut your fabric into 14 1.5" strips. These do not need to be perfectly straight.

Step 2: Tie the strips together into 7 pairs. Leave about 2" of fabric above the knot.

Step 3: Pin your fabric strip pairs to the wall. Use corkboard to prevent holes (I was in such a hurry the first time I made this scarf that I already have holes in the wall, so I just continue to use those)

Step 4: Tie strips 2 and 3 together about 2" below the first knot. Yes, just leave strip 1 hanging there.
Step 5: Tie strips 4 and 5 together.
Step 6: Tie strips 6 and 7 together.
Step 7: Tie strips 8 and 9 together.
Step 8: Tie strips 10 and 11 together.
Step 9: Tie strips 12 and 13 together. Just leave strip 14 hanging there.

Step 10: Tie strips 1 and 2 together about 2" below the second knot.
Step 11: Tie strips 3 and 4 together.
Step 12: Tie strips 5 and 6 together.
Step 13: Tie strips 7 and 8 together.
Step 14: Tie strips 9 and 10 together.
Step 15: Tie strips 11 and 12 together.
Step 16: Tie strips 13 and 14 together.

Continue alternating in this way until you have tied knots down the length of the fabric. Leave 2" of fabric after the last row of knots. (It helps if you add another row of pins halfway down to secure your scarf to the wall.) Essentially, you're tying diamonds. Don't worry if your rows aren't even. In the end, it won't matter at all.
Before Trimming               After Trimming

Step 17: When you have finished tying all your knot, gather the ends of both sides together. Use a small strip of fabric and tie the ends securely together above the knots. This will become your flower detail.

Step 18: Fan out the ends so they slightly resemble a flower. Pull and twist them into a shape you like. Give the ends a trim to get the right shape. Glue or sew the button into the center. Then trim the ends again (I usually cut them shorter near the middle, and leave them longer on the edges - you might also want to put the scarf on and trim the ends so you can see how the flower "petals" will lay).

Step 19: Put the scarf on, positioning the flower detail just below your shoulder. Run to the nearest mirror and admire yourself!

If you make this scarf, I would love to see pictures! If you love the scarf, but don't want to make it yourself, I would be happy to make one for you. Check it out at my etsy shop.


  1. question on the scarf, are the strips cut at 14x1.5 ??

    1. No, you cut 14 strips that are 1.5"X60" (the width of the fabric), so you end up with 14 long skinny strips to tie together. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  2. I love your blog! I love anything crafty and you have lots!