Saturday, January 20, 2018

LEEP Procedure Cross Stitch Pattern

A few years ago, I had a cervical cancer prevention procedure called a L.E.E.P. I'll spare you all the details, but it did it's job and I've been clear from abnormal cells since. My friend is having one done next week, and she texted me all freaked out about it, without knowing that I had previously had one. I was able to explain the procedure to her (so she could stop reading message boards at 2am - which is never a good plan), and help her feel a little better.

Then I started with the jokes...

"We'll be LEEP buddies! We should have shirts made!"
"It's like a facelift for your cervix! No more wrinkles!"
"You should focus on videotaping [your husband] cause you know he's gonna pass out!"

After all, what are friends for?

Next week, while she's having the procedure, I'm going to drop off a little care package at her house and it will include this little cross stitch that hopefully will make her smile

Want to make your own for a friend, your doctor, or even yourself? Use the chart below. (Note: I don't keep track of my embroidering threads very well, so I have no idea which exact colors I used. Also, a few of the lines - like the # - are worked between the holes of the aida fabric.)

Happy Stitching!

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