Tuesday, January 10, 2017

I Hate Weather Forecasts!

I don't know about where you live, but here in the Pacific Northwest, our weather is unpredictable enough that our weather forecasts are almost always wrong. With all the different mountain ranges, and large bodies of water, it's hard to accurately predict what various weather systems will do.

For example, late last year, they were predicting a huge wind storm. At the last second, the system moved 50 miles off of the predicted course, and most of the area was left with a couple of big gusts that knocked over lawn chairs. Not the huge wind event with widespread power outages that they were predicting. It did give us this meme, which makes me laugh...so there's that...

Then came the snow predictions. I think they've gotten maybe (maybe!) one of them right so far this year. They keep showing up on my phone, and then nothing happens! It's so irritating!

Lies, all lies! We had one little flurry, and nothing stayed on the ground.

Last night, there was another winter weather advisory, and they were predicting about 1-2" of snow to fall in the area overnight. So, at 10pm yesterday, I got a call from my son's school that they were going to preemptively delay school two hours. Sweet.

This morning - no snow! No ice! Nothing! So, I'm chilling at home with my kid for two hours because of rain...awesome.

Silver lining: I'm still in my pjs, drinking tea, and writing to you all, instead of rushing around trying to get my kid out the door, but still - I want some snow!

So, weather people, I know you're trying your best to get the forecast right, and you'd rather be overly cautious, than not cautious enough, but please, stop getting our hopes up! :)

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