Monday, March 14, 2016

Hello Spring Break!

Today is the start of my Spring Break. The weather here in the Pacific Northwest has welcomed this day with sun, rain, wind, and hail. "In like a lion" is no joke this year, especially after yesterday's wind storm!

I spent the mid-morning clearing out my work binder and prepping for next quarter. I spent the afternoon crushing academic dreams, aka, giving a final exam and calculating grades. I spent the last half hour deciding on some Spring Break goals.

Normally during Spring Break, I do a big deep clean of the house. There are a few real cleaning things I want to accomplish - deep cleaning bathrooms and cleaning the carpets are high on the list - but this year I have a different kind of big clean I want to do.

My brain feels overstuffed and overwhelmed with creative ideas. I plan on taking these next two weeks to help clear out the clutter up in my noggin.

I started last week by cleaning out my Pinterest board. I only had one board - Stuff to Make - which I keep secret. I went through and deleted the pins I knew I was never going to get around to or my interest in had faded. Then I made a new secret board - Stuff I've Done - and cleared out all the pins I've already used. Let me tell you, this has really helped me let go of a lot of creative clutter in my brain.

This week, I want to focus on finishing projects that I've already bought the supplies for but never got around to doing. These include creating a new, shorter strap for my new leather bag, sewing a bow scarf out of Dollar Store knit scarves, finishing a crochet hat I started over the weekend, and working up some crochet items with the bulky yarn that has been taking up way too much space in my yarn storage area. I also want to work through my pins that simply involve printing something out (paper gem templates, cute coloring pages, etc.) and moving those to my new board.

Next week, I'll work on those ideas that I still need to buy supplies for, and maybe some bigger projects I need to do while Elijah is in school.

I'm looking forward to cleaning out my brain much more than cleaning out my bathrooms...

What's cluttering up your brain?


  1. I definitely tried to do a lot of cleaning my spring break! Thanks for the share!

  2. I definitely tried to do a lot of cleaning my spring break! Thanks for the share!