Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Big 3-0!

As of 11:17 on Sunday night, I am officially 30. I'm still a little on the fence about it, but 30 doesn't seem so bad.

Even though I was a little unsure of the age I was turning, I still had a great birthday weekend.

On Saturday night, after church, we went out for dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant - El Toro's. They have the best chicken fajitas ever! If you're from the Tacoma area, be sure to check out the new one of Canyon Road - by far the best in my opinion. Our friends Matthew and Janine, and Crickett and Holly came with us to celebrate, and I had my last drink of my 20's. I also finished this scarf made from this pattern once we got home that night:

**Side note on the scarf - I did not do the last pattern repeat because I ran out of yarn - still stash busting over here! **

On Sunday, I took my sweet time getting ready while James got up with Elijah, and we headed out to Panera for a cinnamon crunch bagel. After opening my gift from Elijah, this sweet bracelet, we  dropped Elijah off at my mom and step-dad's house and headed up to Seattle. We started at Uwajimaya, or more specifically the Kinokuniya Bookstore in Uwajimaya where I picked up this book:

Then we headed to Westlake Center, and got some cookies from Mrs. Field's (milk chocolate chip walnut and milk chocolate, caramel and sea salt - yum!). We walked around the shopping district downtown and I ended up buying this "way more than I should spend but I really love this" belt at Anthropologie. I also picked up these Toms shoes (currently on my feet):

We grabbed an early dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, wandered around Seattle a while longer, picked up Elijah, and headed home. All and all, it wasn't a terribly exciting birthday, but it was filled with the things and people I love, so that made it a great birthday!

Then, on Monday, some of my students surprised me with a mini-surprise party in class - cake balloons, sandwiches. It was very sweet and much appreciated, but it threw me a little off my teaching game, and I kind of feel like it was simply a ploy to trick me into letting them have a party in class :)

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