Thursday, April 3, 2014

March: Monthly Update

March was a pretty uneventful month in my world. In the actual world - not so much. My heart breaks for all the tragedies that have occurred around the world.

  • Elijah spent his first night away from home with my mom and step-dad. I did not sleep well with him gone, but we were able to really clean out the garage. I can now get in an out of my car without dodging pressure washers (yes, plural) or tubs filled with rarely used items. 
  • I spent the last week and a half of the month on Spring Break. We went to the zoo, had lunch with my mom, and generally hung around the house in our PJs.
  • I went to a birthday party for my friend Anna. It was great to have real conversations with people, as James stayed home with Elijah.
  • I made the blanket, hat1 and hat2 for Matthew and Janine's future baby girl.
  • I crocheted a lovey and an aviator hat for another friend who is having a baby boy in a few days/weeks.
  • I made a vase cozy (by accident)
  • I made a cool cowl by Purple Stardust designs.
Other Crafting:
New Places:
  • We checked out Canvas Works in Olympia and I bought some way too expensive yarn. More about the yarn later.
  • I forgot to keep track of how many books I read, but I know I have 19 left in the series I am reading, so I think I read 4 this month.
Healthy Eating:
  • I tried kombucha this month, but that's really all the progress I made. Gotta get back on that bandwagon!
 On to April!

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