Saturday, May 18, 2013

New Bag

I saw this bag online and fell in love!
Boho Leather Messenger Bag with Crochet Doily and Antique Key - Medium - Made To Order

I mean, really, how could you not? I checked out the seller's website, Urban Heirlooms, and while I was in love with the bag, I was not in love with the price. Before I could shell out that kind of money, I had to try to make my own version. Now, I have no idea how to work with leather, so I opted for leather-look vinyl for mine. (I also have no experience working with vinyl, but it seemed less daunting than leather.) I thought for about half a second about crocheting my own doily, and then decided to spend $2 and buy one. I'm not a huge fan of brass, so I decided to use nickel.

Here is what I came up with. I kind of made it up as I went, so there is no pattern. I definitely learned a few things along the way, so my next one will be even better!

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