Friday, January 25, 2013

Why The Sequin Turtle?

When I was thinking up a name for my blog and my Etsy store, I decided that I didn't want something like "insert name here Creative/Studio/Designs." Not that there is anything wrong with those kinds of names, but I wanted something more personal. I thought about what I would name a boutique if I were to ever have one. I thought about the things I like. I thought about cute puns. And then, at around midnight one night, it hit's how the conversation inside my head went:

So, what do I like?
Well, I like shiny things...and I like sea turtles...
Are there any cute puns for sea turtles?
Hmm...sequins are shiny, I like sequins... (apparently I'm a little ADD at midnight)
Hey...sea turtle...sequin turtle...
Sequin turtle?
Yeah, Sequin, The Sequin Turtle....

Bam! It stuck, and I love it. The Sequin Turtle is so very me. My entire living room is decorated with sea turtles - wooden ones, painted ones, metal ones, ugly ones, cute ones. My USB flash drive has a sea turtle cover. Most of my jewelry features one or more sea turtles. Sea turtles - they're kind of my thing.

A picture I took while working on a sea turtle hatchery in Costa Rica after grad school.
How can you not love this little guy? He fits in the palm of your hand.

I also love things that sparkle. You can often overhear me say to my husband, James, that I need more sparkle in my which he usually replies, "What? I'm not enough sparkle for you?" No, James, no, you're not...I love you, but no.

So, The Sequin's not all of who I am, but it's pretty darn close. Welcome to my little world!

Want to check out my Etsy store? Visit The Sequin Turtle.

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