Thursday, June 18, 2015

"It's a Girl!" Again...

This past weekend, I traveled to Las Vegas to celebrate my best friend Sarah's birthday with her and our moms (who are also best friends). Sarah found out that she was having a girl back in mid-April (at 16ish weeks), so I planned to give her my "It's a Girl! gift on our trip since I hadn't even started anything for her at that point (shh, don't tell her!). You can check out the "It's a Girl!" gift for her first daughter, Elladie, here.

Elladie had a peacock themed nursery and Sarah was planning on keeping the same theme for her new daughter, Avarie, but I wanted to give her something a little special and unique. So I decided on a flamingo theme. The colors are the same as the peacock theme (teal, aqua, and white) with some pink thrown in to make it special.

The most time consuming part of the gift was this blanket. It is worked in a 7 triple crochet shell stitch with a 4 round single crochet border and measures about 36"x36".

A flamingo appliqued beanie. There's no pattern as I just made this one up as I went, but it turned out pretty well.

Luckily, since it was almost summer, there were flamingo themed clothes available at Carters.


I also ran across a flamingo print hooded towel.

A paper embroidery design to match the one that I made Elladie for her baby shower.

And a simple bag to put in all in.


For Sarah's birthday present, I made 4 stretchy bracelets with different bird charms for each of her kids.

The eagle is for her son, Wyatt, the peacock for Elladie, the dove for Charlee, who was miscarried, and the flamingo is for Avarie.

Sarah, happy birthday and congratulations on your soon-to-join-us-on-the-outside little girl! Avarie, I'm looking forward to you arrival!

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